We value a deep, rich learning experience. That's why we bring you a Torah Studies program of the highest caliber, developed by the world-renowned Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. The program provides a series of stimulating text and discussion-based classes that will engage you in a multidimensional way—challenging you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective, as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

I invite you to browse through the topics in this catalog and to join us for some weekly inspirational study. Each class is independent, so you don't have to commit to coming to all of them. These classes are open to all, whatever your level of learning may be.

Hope to see you there,
Rabbi Yossi Marcus

There is no charge for the class. Fridays 11-12:15 at Chabad NP and Thursdays for men at a private home. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Class 1 Friday, May 6 2016
Keep It Simple
A Guide to Helping Yourself and Others
You may have read a thousand self-help books and attended a thousand more seminars and lectures. But you know that when all is said and done, the answer lies within you. How can you access your deepest self and be the best you can be? It's simple.
Class 1 Friday, May 13 2016
The Fifth Commandment
Beyond Honoring Parents
While honoring your parents may seem like a basic social ideal, it is in fact an obligation to G‑d. But why should two human beings deserve unconditional love and respect? Remembering G‑d’s role in creating a child gives new meaning to the nature of this commandment.
Class 1 Friday, May 20 2016
More Important than Love
Secrets to a Healthy Relationship
Relationships require effort. How do we make sure the other party is getting what is needed? How can we provide what is wanted? And how do we deal with the differences that will inevitably arise? This lesson will show you, by revealing the true meaning of respect.
Class 1 Friday, May 27 2016
The Man in the Cave
The Story Behind the Kabbalah
The Zohar is an important text of the Kabbalah, revealing the depths of creation and secrets of the Torah. This biographical sketch will shed light on the life and times of its author, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. What is the story of this great sage, and what can we learn from him?
Class 1 Friday, June 3 2016
This Is Where It's At
Why the Torah Doesn't Discuss Heaven
Do you expect any reward for being a good person, like eternal bliss or a nice place in heaven? Or maybe you are the altruistic type, just happy to do the right thing? The Torah promises reward for keeping its commandments, but for some reason doesn't mention any spiritual payback.
Class 1 This Class will be Given on Shavuot
Revival of Ruth
How to Make Judaism Real
Shavuot is the day we received the Torah, and on it we read the Book of Ruth. What is the reason for this custom, and what can we learn from it? Ruth teaches us what it means to accept the Torah—on the Torah’s terms.
Class 1 Friday, June 17 2016
Jewish Numerology
Understanding the Gematria Method
The numeric equivalents of Hebrew letters reveal a fascinating world in Jewish thought. When and how should this method be used to draw conclusions in Torah study? Enjoy this overview of the purpose and methodology of gematria.
Class 1 Friday, June 24 2016
Think Positive, Speak Positive
How to Avoid Negative Speech
Talking about people is one of easiest things we can do. It is also one of the most damaging. So how can we avoid it? Of course, effort must be invested in watching what we say. But the key lies deeper than that, in how we relate to each other in the first place.
Class 1 Friday, July 1 2016
The Blue Thread
A History of Techelet
The Torah tells us to include a blue thread in the tzitzit. What is that thread all about, and why do most men wear tzitzit with only white threads? This lesson tells the history of techelet and the fascinating scientific quest to identify the species used in making it.
Class 1 Friday, July 8 2016
Haughty Humility
Healthy Self-Esteem in Judaism
Nobody likes the narcissist. It’s better to be humble and not to think too highly of yourself, it would seem. But knowing the dangers of self-loathing, perhaps there is virtue to haughtiness? Moses, the humblest of men and greatest of leaders teaches us how to find a healthy balance.
Class 1 Friday, July 15 2016
All's Well
A Fresh Perspective on Life's Miracles
When we look back at rough times and see how things turned out for the best, we become aware of the miracles in our lives. But perhaps the greatest miracles are the ones we are not even aware of. When we keep in mind the work G‑d is doing for us, we can truly be at ease.
Class 1 Friday, July 22 2016
The Purpose of Privacy
Why It's Important to Control Where You Look
Your neighbors have a broad window in the front of their home, giving you a great view of what’s going on inside. Are you allowed to look inside and see what’s happening? If you think not, what if they don’t care? Explore the halachic take on privacy and discover a surprising life lesson along the way.

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Class 1 Friday, January 4 2016
Take a Stance
Sometimes we are in the mood and sometimes we resist. And sometimes we simply don’t care. But we learn from the plague of frogs that we can’t just sit back and relax. It is in these moments that it is important for us to face ourselves and make decisions.
Class 2 Friday, January 11 2016
The Darkness of Division
When our lives are filled with unity and hope, the light shines brightly. But when we are alone and there is little hope, just darkness remains. Just how bad is darkness, and what can we do to avoid it?
Class 3 Friday, January 18 2016
Why Jews Are International
Jewish people can be found anywhere; this isn’t a coincidence. There is a deeper reason why your cousin moved to Europe, and why your friend has a stopover in Bahrain. What is that purpose, and why is Egypt the exception?
Class 4 Friday, January 25 2016
An 18th-Century Saga
On August 14, 1766, Isaac, son of Eliezer Neiberg of Mannheim, married Leah, daughter of Jacob Guenzhausen of Bonn. Days later, the bridegroom took 94 gold crowns of the dowry and disappeared. This troubling episode began a stormy debate between the great rabbis of the time.
Class 5 Friday, February 1 2016
Understanding the Jewish Calendar
Our calendar is unique—not quite lunar, not quite solar. What is the rationale behind it? Why is it such a central part of our faith, and what lessons can we learn from it? This class takes an in-depth look at this fascinating aspect of Judaism.
Class 6 Friday, February 8 2016
A Jew Is a Jew
The story of Miriam Bat Bilgah is a tragic one. She abandoned her faith and married a Greek minister, before brazenly entering the Holy Temple and attacking the Holy Ark. How do we approach someone who has sunk so low?
Class 7 Friday, February 15 2016
Understanding True Leadership
From the time Moses enters the story, he is the central character of our nation. But this week, his name is absent from the Torah portion. Why? To answer this question is to understand who Moses really was, and what leadership skills we can learn from him.
Class 8 Friday, February 22 2016
How Repentance Works
Sometimes we are really good at being imperfect. After all, that’s how G‑d created us. On the flip side, G‑d also created us with the ability to change. We can fix our errors, but it requires effort.
Class 9 Friday, February 29 2016
Building the Tabernacle Together
The Jewish nation as a whole maintains a certain flavor. But the nation is comprised of individuals, each with his or her own unique character. So, if combined effort is the goal, do I need to be myself, or can I just go with the flow?
Class 10 Friday, March 7 2016
Perceiving the Pain of Others
A person who is caring will help someone when they have the time. A person who is generous will share what he has. Sometimes, however, later is not an option and helping out is not enough. Sometimes we need to abandon the modus operandi and just take action.
Class 11 Friday, March 14 2016
The Dialogue of Mordechai and Esther
If we see someone who needs help, logic suggests that we try to help out. But must we go above and beyond? But what if we don’t feel up to it? Maybe, just maybe, the whole world is waiting for each of us to rise up to the challenge.
Class 11 Friday, March 21 2016
Holiness vs. Spirituality
In a large corporation, the CEO may rank higher than the sanitation crew. The work is cleaner and more sophisticated; the pay is higher. But when G‑d is the boss and we are the employees, can we really know what type of labor is most valued?
Class 11 Friday, March 28 2016
What We Can Learn from Kosher Animals
For an animal to qualify as kosher, it must have hooves. These hooves protect the animal’s feet. When trodding the path of life, we too must take precautions to avoid getting caught in the mud.
Class 11 Friday, April 8 2016
The Process of Redemption
The seder is filled with laws, both biblical commandments and rabbinic decrees. Does it really matter if I have exactly four cups of wine? Yes, it does. Each detail reveals great depth in the theme of the night—freedom—and the theme of Judaism in general.
Class 11 Friday, April 15 2016
Bringing G‑d into Our Personal Space
Of the four volumes of the Jewish Code of Law, there is just one tiny section about the synagogue. The rest is all about the kitchen, the bedroom, and the business place. So, where is the center of Jewish observance?