About Us

Dear Friend,


In the summer of 2001, the seeds were planted. Operating out of a two-bedroom apartment on 3rd Avenue, a spiritual start-up was formed to create new opportunities for Jewish education for the North Peninsula Jewish community. Some of the first efforts included a public menorah lighting at Hillsdale Shopping Center, which drew 25 people, and a monthly Jewish Crafts Club, which attracted one child. But with the support and friendship of an extraordinary group of people, Chabad NP blossomed, developing new and innovative programming to meet the specific needs of the North Peninsula Jewish community.

Over the years, Chabad NP has touched the hearts and ignited the Jewish spark of many, from the most active members of the Jewish community to the unaffiliated.

Today, Chabad NP is home to a vibrant Jewish community, a model preschool with over 65 students, a thriving day camp and Hebrew School, a welcoming community Shul, stimulating adult education, Jewish Women’s Circle, teen programs, Bat Mitzah Club, holiday gatherings that draw hundreds of participants,...and the list goes on.

This incredible journey was made possible by you, the supporters of Jewish community and education. You saw the potential. You imagined what could be.

Now let’s imagine what we can achieve with a permanent home for all these activities. Imagine the laughter of children, the smiles of parents, the tears of joy in the eyes of those who have lived through so much.

Together, we will build a home for Jewish life, a garden of hope and inspiration, where every child and adult will be able to nourish and cultivate their Jewish souls.

With your participation and support, we can turn the dream into reality.

Rabbi Yossi & Esty Marcus

Growing Together Leadership

  • Rachel Zubaty, Capital Campaign Chair
  • Rabbi Yosef Marcus, Executive Director, Chabad NP
  • Esty Marcus, Founder & Director, Chai Preschool
  • Valerie Porush Hoffman, Capital Campaign Director

Honorary Committee

  • Abbe Braitman
  • Barbi & Warren Lazarow
  • Fran & Bobby Lent

Capital Campaign Council

  • Mervyn Danker
  • Rochelle Danker 
  • Boaz Hecht
  • Zachary Hoffman
  • Michael Moradzadeh
  • Nomi Moradzadeh
  • David Porush
  • Sally Porush
  • Rebecca Rodnitzky
  • Aaron Zubaty

Building Committee

  • Michael Adler
  • Shawn Silk 
  • Bob Tessler
  • Ken Wornick  

Finance Committee

  • Keivan Ehsanipour
  • Zachary Hoffman
  • Paul Lipman
  • Advisor: Larry Schlenoff  

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