Chabad NP presents:
Sunday, April 7 2024


With over 26 million views on Youtube, Nissim's unique blend of Rap, Pop, and World music, is capturing hearts and minds all around the world. Born Damian Jamohl Black to Seattle hip-hop artists who sold drugs and did drugs, Nissim was just two years old when his father left. Expelled from school for a time, he joined a gang and began recording rap music about violence and drugs. Yet the challenges of his youth, including the passing of his mother at age 37 from an overdose, Nissim's soul yearned for something higher. Today, from his homebase in Jerusalem, he raps about spirituality, identity, and the eternal soul of the Jewish people and Israel. More than a performer, Nissim considers himself a spiritual motivator. "Music is a tool to inspire people," he says. And if music is medicine, then he sees himself as "a doctor of souls." Join Nissim's first Bay area appearance for an uplifting and inspiring musical journey! Learn more about Nissim here.


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