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Chabad NP presents:

Pre High Holiday Songs and Inspiration Part 2

With Musical artist Eli Marcus

& Rabbi Yossi Marcus.

With live appearance Bentzi Marcus of 8th day. 

Thursday, September 24, 7:30 pm

Free Online Event

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Rabbi Eli Marcus, Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, Eli Marcus began singing at three years old. Growing up in a musical family, he has become one of the most sought-after Chassidic performers. With music in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew, he has gone on to perform on stages in 5 continents. Eli has released three albums: "Dovid Hamelech," an original Jewish music album composed by the legendary Yossi Green. "Energy," an Israeli-style album of Chassidic dance music and "Yogati," which includes some of Eli's most compelling and emotional compositions, all three of which showcase his soulful, energetic vocals with a timeless, authentic sound.

Eli lives in Brooklyn with his wife Zisi and their three children.

Rabbi Yossi Marcus, a native (southern) Californian, is an accomplished writer and translator of Jewish literature. He is a leading contributor and former editor of and a contributor to His most popular publications are a new commentary on the book of Esther, a commentary on Ethics of our Fathers, on the Passover Haggadah and on Psalms. Click here for a comprehensive listing of books and translations by Rabbi Yosef Marcus. He is the Rabbi of Chabad of the North Peninsula.