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Steel Frame Complete!

Monday, 23 August, 2021 - 3:49 pm

Have you driven by the construction site lately? BH, the construction is coming along beautifully!  Last week, we reached a major milestone when the final steel beam was placed atop the structure completing the entire steel frame of the building. 

Please enjoy these photos of the event. We hope you have a chance to walk or drive by to see the wonderful progress. 


Heartwarming to have a our senior preschool class look on as the highest beam is raised!


Project advisor Mr. Michael Adler catches up with the crew


Rabbi Yossi shares words of Torah, tying the raising of the beam to the history of the day, the first of Elul, when Moses ascended on high to receive the Tablets

BeamSigningChabadNP-12.jpgBeamSigningChabadNP-51.jpgBeamSigningChabadNP-57.jpgBeamSigningChabadNP-46.jpg BeamSigningChabadNP-14.jpg

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