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$285,922 Total Raised
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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $285,922 for Chabad NP & Chai Preschool! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

Fran & Bobby Lent and Anonymous

Barbi & Warren Lazarow and Anonymous

This campaign is over.
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Support Jewish Life!

What an inspiring outpouring of support! You raised $285k and going strong! These funds will go towards building Jewish community and supporting Jewish life on the North Peninsula. We are incredibly thankful to all our donors and our matchers for raising these much needed funds!

We are dedicated to serving our community, and now we’re asking for your support so that together we can put a bright smile on the Jewish future!

How it Works

Running an operation like Chabad NP requires a major investment of time, energy, and capital. While our staff works tirelessly to create positive Jewish experiences for the community, the day-to-day expenses of operating a Chabad center can be daunting. Instead of membership fees or steep event prices, we rely on the generosity of the community. As the tax year comes to an end, consider a generous contribution and partner with Chabad NP in being on the front lines during this surreal time.

How can I help?

Help build Jewish community on the North Peninsula by contributing to the campaign and by spreading the word. Every good deed, no matter how small, tips the scale of humanity toward goodness. Today you have the opportunity to see the impact of that deed multiplied many times over. Be a force for goodness by making a donation today!

If you have any question, please email [email protected] or call 650.453.8136.
Your generosity, your help, and your support will make it happen!

Our Generous Matchers

We are extremely grateful to our generous matchers for this incredible opportunity, Barbi & Warren Lazarow, and Fran & Bobby Lent and our two anonymous donors for their vision, generosity of spirit, and dedication to sustaining Jewish life.

Employer Matching

Many employers will match the donations of their employees. The amount of your employer's match will also be matched by our donors. Note that Chai Preschool is registered as an educational (not a religious) nonprofit.

Sponsorship Levels

Please let us know if you would like to be a listed at one of the five levels described below and whether your donation will be in honor or memory of a loved one.

$25,000 and up: Amud - Pillar
$12,000: Nadvan - Benefactor
$5000: Patron - Patron
$3600: Mashkia - Investor
$2500: Shutaf - Partner
$1800: Chaver - Friend

Thank you for Supporting:

(Please indicate on your donation if you want your funds directed to any particular program)

  • Camp Gan Israel
  • Annual Purim Carnival
  • Jewish Clubs at Public High Schools
  • Visiting the Elderly
  • Kids in Action ~ Kids Care
  • Chabad's Open-door Synagogue
  • Jewish Women's Circle
  • Strengthening Jewish identity of the non-affiliated
  • Chai Preschool
  • Chanukah Celebration on Burlingame Avenue
  • JLI: Adult Education

 And much more!

We thank you very warmly in advance for participating and for so generously supporting the Jewish community! 

Rabbi Yossi & Esty Marcus ~ Rabbi Yale & Rivky Spalter 

PS If you would like to participate by check or other means, please email [email protected] or text 650.453.8136. Please feel free to share this link with others who support Jewish community: Chabadnp.com/matching

Checks can be sent to: Chabad NP PO Box 673, S Mateo CA 94401
Info for a stock donation: 

  • Brokerage Account: E*Trade
  • Account Name: Chabad NP 
  • Account #: 3886-0453
  • DTC #: 0385 

 Don't forget to let us know if you make a stock donation.

Thank you for your support!


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