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Tickets: Adults: $50 $36 $25. Children (aged 4-18): $10.


Visionary - $50,000

Pillar - $25,000

Leader - $12,000

Partner - $7,200

Builder - $3,600

Sustainer - $1,800

Advocate - $900

Supporter - $720

Funder - $500

Donor (couple) - $300 (includes 2 tickets for VIP section seating and dinner)

Donor (single) - $150 (includes 1 ticket for VIP section seating and dinner)

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Concert Tickets: Adults: $50 $36 $25. Children: $10.

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Number of $10 tickets (for children aged 4-18)

I plan to attend the pre-concert BBQ dinner (free for sponsors). Please send me dinner coupons.

Children sit with their adult companions at the latter’s seating level. Price levels reflect varying degrees of proximity to the stage. We recommend the concert for children 6 and up but will admit children 4 and up.

Pre-Concert BBQ Dinner: $10 adults; $7 for children. No charge for sponsors of $150 plus (includes children's dinner).

If you would like to donate an item toward our silent auction, please contact us.

For more information email [email protected]

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100% of the proceeds of this donation or payment benefit Chabad of the North Peninsula.