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Torah wisdom for today


*The difference between Tough Conversation and Harsh Conversation.
*Overcoming the fear of tough conversations and how to ensure it goes well.
*Plus: the two Hebrew words for speech and why Judah prefaced his remarks to Joseph with "don't get angry at me, but...."



Finding the Light within the Darkness
Rosh Hashanah Sermon 5781
*Not losing hope in times of challenges
*The husband who said no to his wife only once
*Why do we cover our eyes during the Shema?
*The surprising state of the cherubim during the destruction of the Temple
.*BONUS: A prediction for the coming year

*The Test of whether you're on the right track in your spiritual journey
*"Nothing more whole than a broken heart"
*Origin of the Torah Reader
*A Rosh Hashanah Message

🍇The wedding pauper who thought utopia had come
🍇Doing what you have to do vs. actually enjoying it
🍇Employee's eating rights while on the job Rashi and Rambam Converge
🍇Our "rights" when working in G‑d's "vineyard"

*What happened on this day 3332 years ago?
*Is there hope after you’ve messed up?
*Why is this month compared to a rose?
*What does it mean that "the king in the field" during this month?
*Is this the month of trepidation or the month of joy?
Enjoy our pre-Shabbat sermonette, for the first Shabbat of the month of Elul
Shabbat shalom!


*If you eat Hallal is kosher kosher?
*Is a Camel 🐫 Kosher?
*How kosher laws help us achieve balance and harmony
*Why does the Torah identify fins and scales as the kosher signs of fish 🐟?
*Why the guy had five sets of dishes (joke #753)
*Is kosher for you?
Pre-Shabbat Sermontte for Shabbat Mevarchim Elul
Questions and Comments welcome as always — Shabbat Shalom! 

*How could G‑d have violated Jewish law by destroying the Holy Temple?
*Behind the Scenes: how did Moses "convince" G‑d to overlook the Golden Calf fiasco?
*Why did the Sfas Emes not interrupt his grandfather's mistaken rebuke?
And hope to see you Sunday 
Experience South Africa! with live from South Africa performance by illusionist Ilan Smith and a discussion about the history of South African Jewry with the esteemed  Mervyn Danker!

 *Why do we dispatch the Shabbat angels so quickly ("You're not even going to come in for some tea?")
*The island people who magically appeared once a week
*The fascinating connection between ראש ("head") and שבת ("Shabbat")
H/T Rabbi 
Efrem Goldberg for the Rosh/Shabbat vort from the Chidushei HaRim.

 *The Alter Rebbe's Seemingly Sharp Response to a Broken Soul
*How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
A pre-Shabbat Sermonette for Parshat Pinchas — Shabbat shalom!

Why the ancient Greeks really didn’t like the “chok” Mitzvahs.
How the name of this Parsha and the recipe for challah could save your marriage
Pre-Shabbat Sermonette for Parshat Chukat Balak 

What was Korach’s Mistake?
Balancing our material and spiritual selves and why the Hei ה is the perfect letter.
Pre-Shabbat Sermonette
שבת שלום! 

Why Did Moses' Spies Fail?

Pre-Shavuot Sermon part II

Learning how to speak so that people can listen to what your'e saying --
a lesson from the first word of the Ten Commandments
Pre-Shavuot Sermon part I

The KGB Agent who Completed the Minyan

Are Our Lives on Pause?
+ How to Keep Arguing
A pre-Shabbat Sermon

KEEPING THE PEACE Pre-Shabbat sermon 🙂🕍
What is the secret to getting along in close quarters, and with people of different political views?