When: November 10, 7 pm. Refreshments and mingling, followed by lecture at 7:15. Lecture will be followed by book signing.

Where:  137 North S. Mateo Dr., S. Mateo CA 94401


Consummate storyteller/comedian Rabbi Marvin Tokayer of Great Neck, New York, draws on a half century of personal experiences in Asia and a wealth of knowledge about Jews and the Far East. In his fascinating talk he weaves together colorful characters and their captivating stories, which he recorded in his book: Pepper, Silk, & Ivory.

Rabbi Marvin Tokayer began his rabbinic career in 1962 as a US Air Force chaplain stationed in southern Japan. In 1968, he returned to serve as Rabbi of the thousand-member Jewish community of Japan, a post he held until 1976; he remains a lifetime Honorary Rabbi of the community. He also served on the Federation of Jewish Communities of Southeast Asia and the Far East and as Founding Board Member of the Sino-Judaic Institute. He contributed seven articles on rabbinics and the Orient for the Encyclopedia Judaica and authored twenty books in Japanese on Judaica and Japan.